360 Degree Perspective on Federal Defense

Federal Court is different.  The resources that Federal Law enforcement agencies bring to bear is immense.  Jamie Auricchio has served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney as well as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of New York.

Why Hire A Former Prosecutor To Defend You?

Prosecutors are supposed to put people in jail – so why would you hire one to represent you? Because this previous experience gives invaluable insight into building a strong defense. Mr. Auricchio knows how the prosecution thinks. He uses this knowledge to defend you against the state’s evidence and help you get your charges dismissed or avoid a conviction.

A Reputation For Results

In his career, James Quinn Auricchio has earned numerous accolades. Most importantly, he has earned a proven record of results for his clients, particularly in the areas of drug and alcohol charges. From dismissed charges to not-guilty verdicts, he knows how to put in the work to get the outcome that you need.

Reach Out – Get Legal Help Today

When you need an attorney to assist you through this difficult situation, Mr. Auricchio is here for you.  Text, or call now.