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Buffalo DWI Attorney Fighting To Clear Your Name

If you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated or a related offense, there’s a lot at stake. DWI penalties in New York carry severe penalties that can have effects on your future. Having an experienced Buffalo DWI attorney on your side can help reduce your charges and keep your criminal record clear. James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., has experience as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer for DWI charges. With his knowledge of both sides of the court system, he can craft an airtight defense that will withstand the prosecution’s case against you.

Facing DWI charges in Buffalo? Take the first steps to protect your future by scheduling a free consultation with our DWI attorney today.

What Is The Evidence For A DWI Conviction In New York?

DWI convictions may seem fairly straightforward, but guilt can be difficult to prove. In New York, there are five factors that must be considered prior to a DWI charge. These five factors will determine if you were intoxicated at the time of your arrest and the severity of your charges and will also determine if a lawful arrest was made.

According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, intoxication is based on five factors:

  • The amount of alcohol consumed
  • The amount of food eaten along with the drink(s)
  • The amount of time over which the individual was drinking
  • Bodyweight
  • Gender

For these reasons, it’s hard to make rules on intoxication based on the number or kind of drinks a person had. Evidence collected at the scene can also be inconclusive. Police officers can also make arrests based on “reasonable grounds” to believe a driver has been drinking. These reasons vary and can be fought in court.

If you were arrested as a result of a failed breathalyzer test or refusal of a field sobriety test, schedule a consultation to see how our team can help today. We can also answer your questions and help you with other municipal offenses.

Contact A Buffalo Defense Lawyer For Help

A DWI conviction can affect your daily life, your reputation and even your job. If you think your DWI charge was unfair or believe you have a chance in fighting your charge, call 716-267-6168. As a Buffalo DWI attorney, James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., has extensive experience defending against DWI charges and compassion for the situation you are in. Contact him today for a free consultation.