About Our Criminal Defense Practice

After twenty years in practice, focused almost exclusively in criminal law and small business formation, we are fortunate to have the luxury of accepting a smaller number of cases.

We think it’s impossible to be on top of every case with the attention it deserves if we take too many cases.

We also think it’s important not to take cases if we do not have the ability to treat it with our best effort, skill and singular focus.

With fewer cases, we are probably not going to make a fortune.

And we’re okay with that.

Mr. Auricchio has defended individuals and businesses across New York State, with his primary practice out of Western New York.  He has handled mattrs as simple as a traffic ticket and as complex as transnational conspiracy cases.  As a trial Attorney he has taken cases as serious as homicide and as simple as town code infractions to verdict.  There are few attorneys in Western New York with such a lengthy and diverse background

His practice is client collaborative. He provides clients with access to every document in their file to ensure an open line of communication and decision making that is the result of open discussion. Clients are invited to use one of three file sharing platforms to review their case securely on line.

He leverages experience in Information Technology to prepare each case for analysis, mining case files for data to create a map of each cases prior to analysis of any case.

Because the bulk of his daily practice is focused upon criminal defense, his knowledge is earned daily.

He provides criminal defense against a variety of charges, including:

If you live in upstate New York and you or someone you love faces criminal charges, contact us.  The sooner you get started, the better.

Why Hire A Former Prosecutor To Defend You?

Prosecutors are supposed to put people in jail – so why would you hire one to represent you? Because this previous experience gives invaluable insight into building a strong defense. Mr. Auricchio knows how the prosecution thinks. He uses this knowledge to defend you against the state’s evidence and help you get your charges dismissed or avoid a conviction.

A Reputation For Results

In his career, James Quinn Auricchio has earned numerous accolades. Most importantly, he has earned a proven record of results for his clients, particularly in the areas of drug and alcohol charges. From dismissed charges to not-guilty verdicts, he knows how to put in the work to get the outcome that you need.

Reach Out – Get Legal Help Today

When you need an attorney to assist you through this difficult situation, Mr. Auricchio is here for you.