Buffalo White Collar Crime Attorney

Defense against Financially Motivated Crimes

Not every criminal offense takes place in a dark alley. Many business people and professionals are accused of crimes that take place in well-lit buildings on bustling streets, or even on computer servers.

White-collar crimes are usually financially motivated, not violent. They often involve fraud, embezzlement, falsifying records, or bribery. As technology changes our world, it also affects how we create and store things of value and how money and goods are exchanged.

These changes can make prosecuting and defending against white-collar crimes complicated. For a good defense, you need a Buffalo white collar crime lawyer with a track record of tireless effort and impeccable attention to detail. In your time of need, choose James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

Arrested for a white collar crime? Contact our Buffalo white collar crime attorney to get started on your defense. Call (716) 222-8489 today.

The Right Representation For White Collar Crimes

At James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., we’re willing to dig into the records and put in the hours to produce the evidence. We’ve successfully defended mortgage brokers from false fraud accusations, and we help business owners, bankers, investing professionals, and others defend themselves in court.

Our firm represents those accused of white-collar crimes including:

  • Identity theft
  • Extortion
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Tax fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Counterfeiting

Turn to James Quinn Auricchio, Esq. Today

Disproving white-collar criminal charges involves collecting and assessing mountains of records, understanding the nature of the accused’s work, and being willing to work through it all without shortcuts. At James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and determination to win. We value our clients and we are willing to put in the time to get the job done right.

If you are facing charges, trust the Buffalo white collar crime attorney who goes the extra mile for you. Reach us at (716) 222-8489 today.

Don't Judge Value By Price

The best lawyers are not the most expensive ones. They’re not the cheap ones either. If you judge the best lawyers by the results they achieve for their clients, the best lawyers are the ones that have experience, that know how to effectively communicate with their client, and work hard to achieve the best possible out come for their client.

Experience allows a good attorney to obtain the best possible result in less time. That means they don’t have to charge their clients a ton of money. That doesn’t mean you want the cheapest lawyer either though.

Be careful, some lawyers will charge substantially less than others. They work off of volume. But if your case presents unique challenges, they’ll be way too busy to notice issues that could make the difference in your case.

Plan on sitting down with three lawyers when you’re choosing. After ten minutes, most experienced lawyers will be able to give you a pretty educated estimate as to the costs and give you a quote.

Find the Best Attorney for You

  • Honest, Clear Communication
  • Fighting for the Individual
  • Former Federal and State Prosecutor
  • Prioritizing Integrity in All Cases
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Full-Service Criminal Defense Firm

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