Can a DWI lawyer help your case?
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Can a DWI lawyer help your case?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | DWI

Following a DWI arrest, you may wonder if you need an attorney to assist with your case.

You may feel these charges are straightforward and do not require legal aid. However, DWI convictions can result in significant penalties, even for first-time offenders.

Professional assistance offers many benefits

If there is strong evidence against you and many witnesses, you may want to accept a plea bargain. If there is potential to establish reasonable doubt, you may want legal advice. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain a favorable outcome by protecting your legal rights and identifying viable defense options.

Legal knowledge gives you vital information

DWI attorneys understand the laws pertaining to your case. They can establish an effective defense based on the circumstances of your arrest. A knowledgeable lawyer looks at crucial information, such as how officers conducted the field sobriety tests, your traffic stop and arrest details and potential issues with the breathalyzer device used to determine your alcohol level.

Expertise can help minimize penalties

A DWI is a criminal charge in New York and can result in harsh fines and penalties, including possible jail time. Experienced legal professionals know the state’s mandatory sentencing requirements. They may be able to use their knowledge to negotiate lesser penalties or possibly get charges dismissed.

An attorney can represent you in court

If you do not accept a plea bargain and your case goes to trial, you could face severe consequences with a guilty verdict. With sufficient evidence, a lawyer can help you present your testimony in court.

The outcome of your DWI case can have a severe impact on your future. Fighting DWI charges requires extensive knowledge of New York’s drunk driving laws, the possible consequences and your potential defense options.