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James Quinn Auricchio is a former state and federal prosecutor who has been named one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys in New York State. We believe the first thing you should do when charged with a crime is to call our firm for a free consultation. There are some important steps that our skilled and experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney can take right away to position you for success.

Getting arrested is traumatic, but it does not have to ruin your life. It’s what you do next that matters most. Call us 24/7 for help: (716) 222-8489.

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    The firm you choose to represent you in your criminal case can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. The right lawyer can be the difference between life behind bars and walking away freely. At James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., we are committed to building strong, airtight defense strategies that yield results and protect our clients’ rights.

    Our clients recommend our work and dedication is our motto.

    What to Do If You Have Been Arrested

    In the immediate aftermath of an arrest, it’s important to think clearly and do everything possible to protect your rights and best interests.

    Here are seven rules to follow to help you along:

    1. Relax. Stay calm. No one does their best thinking when they are stressed.
    2. Shut up. At the risk of being rude, shut up. You cannot change the outcome of your case yourself and you’ve probably already done more harm than good. Give the police your name and basic information. Give them nothing about the allegations against you. If you appear in front of a judge, you should have a lawyer with you, and if you did not bring one, the court should have given you one. If they did not give you a lawyer, ask for one. Do not speak on your own behalf.
    3. Find a lawyer. Before you agree to hire an attorney, make sure you are comfortable with their experience and ability to communicate with you. The best lawyer is the one who can effectively communicate and who makes you feel most comfortable.
    4. Don’t lie to your lawyer. There is nothing that says you are required to tell your lawyer anything about your case, but if you choose to tell your lawyer anything, make it the truth.
    5. Avoid the drama. You may be tempted to investigate your own case. Don’t do it. If you have specific concerns about your case, tell your attorney. A quality defense attorney will investigate every case thoroughly. Too many things can and do go wrong when people try to investigate their own cases.
    6. Don’t talk about your case. Even after you hire your lawyer, your family and friends may want to know what happened. Don’t share too much. Keep the facts of your case to yourself. If necessary, tell them that your lawyer ordered you not to talk about your case. When you tell someone a fact about your case, you are making that person a witness. Don’t make witnesses.
    7. Follow your lawyer’s instructions. Your lawyer will identify things that you can do to improve the outcome in your case. For example, in some cases, a drug and alcohol evaluation may be indicated. Ask your lawyer what you can do to help and do what they tell you to do.

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    Client Testimonials

    You're not alone.
    • “Jamie worked on my case for over 5 years. It was quite complex and involved white-collar crimes in a corporate setting. He gave great counsel and helped prepare me to put my best foot forward. He ...”

      - Former Client
    • “Got my moving violation bumped down to 2 parking tickets, answered my questions and made the entire process easy to follow. Would definitely recommend him to a friend!”

      - Former Client
    • “I felt we were in good hands from the beginning. James has integrity and assured us he would handle all the details. He also told us what to expect. I can not recommend him enough. My son just moved ...”

      - Judy
    • “I recently received a ticket for speeding while traveling to Buffalo. I was very concerned as this matter could have affected my ability to drive and potentially my employment. After an internet ...”

      - Stan
    • “If you don't think you need a lawyer for a speeding ticket, you should rethink it. Atty Auricchio told me how things would happen and it turned out even better. You have nothing to lose by a ...”

      - Phil

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