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When you’re facing criminal charges, you need every advantage on your side. Whether you’re facing DWI charges or federal crime accusations, your case deserves the best chance at success. As a former federal prosecutor with nearly 20 years of experience fighting for Buffalo, James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., has the experience needed to protect your rights.

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“I had hired an attorney recommended by a business associate. I was charged in Federal Court for a crime the FBI said happened 4 years earlier. The prosecutor offered a plea bargain that had a minimum sentence of seven years years. They gave me a deadline to accept it, or I would have to go to trial and take my chances.

My first lawyer wanted me to take the plea. I found Mr. Auricchio online, about 24 hours before the deadline. He got me more time and after he investigated the case against me, the charges were dismissed.

I was hours away from throwing seven years of my life away, over something I didn’t do.”

MW, Buffalo, New York
(United States District Court)

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